Vegetation-climate feedback causes reduced precipitation in CMIP5 regional Earth system model simulation over Africa

Typ: Rapport
Serie: Geophysical Research Abstracts 15, EGU2013-3281, 2013 EGU General Assembly 2013
Författare: Wu M, Smith B, Schurgers G, Lindström J, Rummukainen M och Samuelsson P


Terrestrial ecosystems have been demonstrated to play a significant role within the climate system, amplifying or dampening climate change via biogeophysical and biogeochemical exchange with the atmosphere and vice versa (Cox et al. 2000; Betts et al. 2004). Africa is particularly vulnerable to climate change and studies of vegetation-climate feedback mechanisms on Africa are still limited. Our study is the first application of A coupled Earth system model at regional scale and resolution over Africa. We applied a coupled regional climate-vegetation model, RCA-GUESS (Smith et al. 2011), over the CORDEX Africa domain, forced by boundary conditions from a CanESM2 CMIP5 simulation under the RCP8.5 future climate scenario.