Ben Smith

Professor, Institutionen för naturgeografi och ekosystemvetenskaper vid Lunds universitet

Institutionen för naturgeografi och ekosystemvetenskaper
Lunds universitet
SE-223 62 Lund

Telefon: +46 46 222 4354

E-post: ben.smith[at]
Personlig hemsida:

Fas II: Ledare programkomponent II, Component I Regional climate change adaptationComponent II Global drivers and Component III Science-policy interface
Fas I (2008-2011): Project 3 Impact modelling and applications

Mistra-SWECIA publikationer

Implications of incorporating N cycling and N limitations on primary production in an individual-based dynamic vegetation model

Development of an advanced regional climate-ecosystem model for Arctic applications

Tundra shrubification and tree-line advance amplify arctic climate warming: results from an individual-based dynamic vegetation model

Implications of accounting for land use in simulations of ecosystem carbon cycling in Africa

Forest management facing climate change - an ecosystem model analysis of adaptation strategies

GCM characteristics explain the majority of uncertainty...

Vegetation-climate feedback causes reduced precipitation in CMIP5 regional Earth system model simulation over Africa

Nytt program kombinerar forskning med praktik

Obalans i ekosystemen kan snabba på klimatförändringar

Linking climate, economy and ecosystem models

A model of the coupled dynamics of climate, vegetation and terrestrial ecosystem biogeochemistry for regional applications

Implications of future climate and atmospheric CO2 content for regional biogeochemistry, biogeography and ecosystem services across East Africa

Hot spots of vegetation-climate feedbacks under future greenhouse forcing in Europe

The role of scientific knowledge in stakeholder deliberations on local climate adaptation: Two case studies in Sweden

High-resolution regional simulation of last glacial maximum climate in Europe

Guess the impact of Ips typographus

Implementing storm damage in a dynamic vegetation model for regional applications in Sweden

Robustness and uncertainty in terrestrial ecosystem carbon response to CMIP5 cc projections